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Our Sustainability Journey So Far

Earlier this year we embarked on our sustainability journey, with the aim to reduce the environmental and social impact our global activation work. We knew at the start of this endeavour that it wouldn’t be possible to transform our event delivery operations overnight! However, we have made significant strides in becoming more sustainable as a company across all our international offices. We are incredibly proud of our Provision Green policy that outlines our mission in taking action and inspiring change within the events industry. Plus, we’ve formed some industry leading relationships to support us along the way which we are immensely excited about!

Innovation Partners with Geo Foundation

We have partnered with Geo Foundation for Golf who are dedicated to advancing sustainability and taking climate action within golf on an international scale. The team at Geo Foundation have supported us in creating our Provision Green Policy, outlining how we want to trigger change across the events industry. The policy also aims to help support our clients’ environmental goals as well using long-life materials, partnering with responsible suppliers, sourcing sustainable alternatives and repurposing event waste. We want our team to champion sustainability across all areas of our activation package: event production, live event management and post event!

Giving Our Event Branding a New Lease of Life!

Improving our event waste management was high up on our sustainability agenda! We have partnered with Event Cycle who have an army of designers to help repurpose our PVC branding into lots of wonderful things! Recently our PVC materials have been used to make beach bags, with 10% of the profits made donated to Herts for Refugees.

New PVE Team Kit!

Working with Oceantee we’ve kitted out our team with new uniform, made from sustainable materials. Unfortunately, event managers don’t tend to make good models but nevertheless, the team were excited and loved our new uniform! We’re also looking to provide our US team with sustainable uniform, to help drive all our international teams as advocates for sustainability.

Next Steps in Our Sustainability Journey

So far, the processes we have implemented across all our services have been a great success! We now have well established elements within our event delivery operations that positions sustainability at the forefront of our activation work. So, what’s next on our list?

Whilst we now have more control over the impact our production processes have on the environment, we want to encourage all of team PVE to play their role in our sustainability journey.

To do this, it is important to provide our team with accessible opportunities to get involved. With Provision HQ located in the South West and the company being born on the Isle of Wight, Provision has a close connection to the beautiful beach environment. We want to play our part in preserving our local environments by getting involved with local beach cleans and tree planting initiatives as part of our team building days.

We also recognise that as an international company, we do a fair bit of travelling! Which is why we are working closely with Geo Foundation to understand how we can include carbon footprint reporting as part of our daily operations, to identify areas we can improve on.

The coming months will be an exciting time as we watch our Provision Green policy flourish in making a valid contribution to address the climate emergency. Watch this space!

If you want to know more about our sustainability efforts and how we can help your event become more environmentally conscious, drop us a line at

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