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Why Digital Design Can Be Helpful In Event Planning

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Whether you’re in the early stages of planning an event or moving into the later stages where everything is beginning to come together, you want to ensure that everything is done to a high standard. Planning is key when it comes to any event, especially when it comes to delivering a great experience for those attending, and for everyone involved in the event management process.

Digital design is a great tool to utilise in event planning, where it allows for easier visualisation and communication of design concepts, helps to create a cohesive theme and aesthetic, and enables quick and efficient changes to be made to designs. Additionally, digital design tools can provide cost-effective options for creating high-quality event materials such as invitations, signage, and promotional materials. With so many benefits to be achieved, let's delve into more detail on the key touchpoints that can support you in delivering an epic event!

Visuals & 3D Renders

Pre-visualisation is a concept found in various creative fields, referring to visualising how something will appear before it is created. This is usually done using storyboards, sketches, dioramas or digital design. You can use digital design to create an idea of how your event is going to look. This way you can plan how all your separate elements will fit together.

Our team of design wizards work closely with our clients to help bring their ideas to life, rethink existing assets and implement exciting new experiences into their event space. The high level of accuracy and detail our 3D visuals & renders present when compared to the real event is remarkable!


You can also make use of a digital design to help with the marketing of your event. Most events often require funding and sponsors to make them a reality. Using digital design will allow you to present your ideas for your event to prospective partners and sponsors to help win over brands and secure funding. Seeing ideas visually really does make a difference!

Digital design can also be used to create artwork. Our designers have created some spectacular looking fan zones using existing brand assets, ensuring that the brand name is at the forefront of the event and activation. This helps to create a memorable experience for fans attending the event and reinforces the brand and connection.


Digital design is a useful tool to support the set up of your event. The 3D visuals our team create are always accurate regarding dimensions of the space available at the event location. This helps both the client and our production teams when building on site, and makes life so much easier! It allows for ease in set up without trouble at the event location, and minimises risk hugely of miscommunication.

Digital Design & Event Planning From Provision Events

Take advantage of the highly experienced team of design experts by working with Provision Events today. Work closely with our team of designers and our Virtual Design Studio to help bring your ideas to life with a focus on creating immersive experiences.

Utilise our services to work through your vision, rethink existing assets and create exciting new additions to implement to an event space. We use 3D visuals and renders to create an accurate and detailed solution, helping you to showcase exactly what your event will look like. Gain the added benefit of using this to help showcase your event to prospective partners and sponsors, or understand just how incredible your event will look when built.

If you’d like to find out more about our design studio or any of the other services we offer, give us a call today at 0238 200 2528 and talk to our friendly team today!

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