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Sustainable Sports Events: What Actions Are We Taking?

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Since 2022, we have been embarking on a journey of sustainability. With offices based in the UK, USA and UAE, we operate on a global scale. We recognise the environmental and social impacts our activation work has internationally and have been embracing our eco side! Making our event production more environmentally conscious has been worth all the effort, where we are making powerful progress in becoming leaders in our industry for sustainable events.

Acknowledging the impacts of our work was the first step in moving towards a more sustainable outlook to our work. Our event teams travel across all four corners of the world to a variety of destinations, delivering events of various scales. This alone creates a large amount of waste, while increasing our carbon footprint. By implementing more eco-friendly practices in our work, we are moving to a position to achieve become more sustainable on a global scale, across our international branches.

Provision Green

Taking action and inspiring change in the events industry is the backbone of Provision Green. Our goals are aligned to support the UN sustainable development goals and set out our mission and strategic goals to embed sustainable practices across our operations. The policy also looks at our relationships with sustainable partners who help support us in our sustainability ventures. We are proud to be innovation partners with Geo Foundation for Golf who have supported the development of the Provision Green Policy and giving us direction on how we can help our clients in reaching their environmental goals through sport activation. We’ve also teamed up with Event Cycle who support us in repurposing all our PVC branding to reduce what we send to landfill and to give these materials a new lease of life!

We are also currently in the process of gaining ISO 14001 certification – we will keep you posted on our progress across our social channels as we approach the final stages…

Event Production

But what is it that makes us stand out from the crowd from a sustainable perspective? The events industry is typically known as a wasteful sector, due to the use of non-recyclable materials. Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be avoided in the current climate – so we decided to look at ways in which we could get more use out of these materials in relation to the waste hierarchy.

All our structures are made of aluminium (rather than wood/timber which is widely used in the events industry) which are all owned and stored in house across our international warehouses, meaning they are endlessly reusable! Our production teams have also worked to implement standardisation across our event structures and activations, helping to reduce the number of materials needed per event where we can reuse once again.

Provision Events & Sustainable Events

Our sustainability venture has been a hugely eye-opening experience for the team, where we already starting to reap the benefits of more environmentally friendly practices. From repurposing event branding to less wasteful production operations, it’s these small changes that can really make a difference. Compared to the majority of event management companies, we are leading the way in pioneering more sustainable practices in delivering events around the world. As a result, we are supporting the clients we work with to achieve their environmental goals as well as our own.

Speak to our team today to find out more about our sustainable event operations and how we can help you achieve your environmental objectives.

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