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Hankook: Fan Zone

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Client: Hankook

Event: MLB All Star Conference

Activation: Fan Zone

Location: LA Convention Centre, California, USA

The Brief:

As sponsors of Major League Baseball, Hankook wanted to use the conference as an opportunity to showcase their new range of tires and strengthen their brand position within baseball. We were tasked to create a unique and interactive fan experience, that would capture the interest of baseball fans.

The Process:

As our first event in baseball, we had a wide range of innovative ideas of how we could attract fans to the fan zone. We also considered how we could implement key brand assets of Hankook, to ensure fans were engaging with the brand through the sport itself.

The Result:

Hankook Fan Zone: We designed the ultimate baseball fan experience, where fans of all ages, abilities and backgrounds could participate in.

Baseball Simulator: Using intelligent and automated BatFast simulator technology, fans had the chance to step up and show off their baseball skills! Fans had to pass through the dugout before taking on baseball simulator. We created various targets which fans had to return the baseball at, to score as many points as they could.

Selfie Wall: By scanning a QR code, fans could take a fun selfie which would contribute to our giant Hankook mosaic wall with hundreds of selfies!

Sound Experience: Fans could listen to the remarkable difference Hankook’s new ion range of tires make compared to other tires on the market.

We welcomed over 1200 fans through our Hankook fan zone, with thousands of balls delivered in our baseball simulator.

It was a pleasure to activate on behalf of a major sponsor of the MLB, where we supported Hankook in delivering an effective marketing campaign. As far as debut’s go, we made an outstanding impression within the baseball world and are looking forward to expanding our services further in the sport.

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