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Citi: Interactive Zone

Updated: May 10

Client: Sportfive

Event: Presidents Cup

Activation: Citi Interactive Zone

Location: Quail Hollow Club, North Carolina, USA

The Brief:

We have been delivering the Citi Interactive Zone at the Presidents Cup since 2013 across numerous locations, including Australia and Korea. The brief was focused on embracing and promoting Citi as a global partner of the event through innovative, technology-based and sustainability forward activations. This included incorporating existing permanent greens into our activations, alongside a data capture management system to track footfall.

The Process:

With a strong focus on promoting the Citi brand, we looked at how we could create bespoke golf activations that embraced the Citi brand. Our creative & production teams were excited with the location of the interactive zone being on the golf course – a first in the event’s history! Considering these elements, we wanted to devise a journey that allowed fans to interact with the sport from various perspectives, to reinforce the Citi brand.

The Result:

Citi Interactive Zone: We designed an astounding interactive fan zone that championed the Citi brand down to a T!

Registration & Scoring: Fans would enter the Interactive Zone and register their details, where they would receive a wristband with a unique code. Those who were Citi members would receive a VIP wristband and could have an extra attempt across all activations. Fans had three attempts across all eight golf activations, where they would receive points – scores would be updated through the unique code on their wristband. A leaderboard displayed the top scores across the duration of the event, adding a great competitive edge!

1st Tee Golf Simulator: Fans had the opportunity to represent their country as they teed up on the 1st hole at Quail Hollow, with their names being officially announced.

Long Putt: A replica of the 18th hole at Quail Hollow, complete with water and bunker hazards.

Nearest the Pin Challenge: Two bay nearest the pin challenge, hitting out on an existing green on Quail Hollow. The more accurate the shot, the more points scored!

Par 3 Golf Simulator: Our ‘Make it Count’ golf simulator challenged fans to hit their best shot on Quail Hollow tricky Par 3 holes.

Be the Ball: Fans had to master the daunting Green Mile 3rd hole at Quail Hollow, by controlling the ball using an iPad.

Bunker Challenge: Always a popular activation with golfers! Fans had to attempt to get their bunker shots as close as they could to the pin.

Putting Course: We designed a three-hole putting course on an existing green at Quail Hollow, which featured bespoke made obstacles that represented Citi.

Photo Opportunity: Fans had an exclusive opportunity to get their photo taken with the iconic Presidents Cup trophy, which was then emailed to them with various sharing options.

The Citi Interactive Zone was hugely successful, where we welcomed over 5,000 fans across the duration of the tournament. With sell-out crowds the atmosphere was electric and it was immensely satisfying to see so many fans have great fun! Our long-term relationship with Citi has gone from strength to strength over the years. The 2022 Presidents Cup allowed us to utilise all areas of our service offerings, delivering a superior fan experience that showcased the Citi brand on an international platform.

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