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Brent Cross Shopping Centre

Client: Brent Cross Shopping Centre

Activation: Cricket, tennis & baseball simulator

Event: Brent Cross Shopping Centre

Location: London

The Brief

Provision were enlisted to provide an interactive opportunity for shoppers inside Brent Cross Shopping Centre over 6 days. The objective was to provide an enhanced experience for shoppers as a celebration of their return to Brent Cross as a positive response to the easing of Covid restrictions.

The Process

Teaming up with our activation partners BatFast, our mission was to create an accessible and immersive experience for shoppers of all ages and abilities, in a safe Covid secure space. At the time the activation was delivered earlier this year in April 2021, lockdown had only just been eased slightly with strict restrictions still in place. We made sure to enforce our activating responsibly policy into our activation, to ensure shoppers felt safe and comfortable participating but also still allowing them to have a great time!

The Result

BatFast Simulator: Shoppers could chose to engage with our cricket, tennis or baseball simulator gameplay.

Our industry leading partnership with BatFast allows us to deliver the best simulation technology across cricket, tennis and baseball which we took full advantage of! Located in the heart of the action in the shopping centre, we welcomed over 1500 shoppers through our activation and it was brilliant for the Provision team to be able to deliver live activations again, that was very well received by everyone that took part!

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