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beMatrix and Provision Events: A Match Made in Build Heaven!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

As a proud bePartner, our production team have a lot of fun building with the revolutionary beMatrix system! For the past two years, beMatrix has been a pivotal feature in the design and build of our activations, fan zones and exhibition stands. Every event we deliver is conceived to meet the bespoke requirements of our clients. Regardless of the design and branding demands, the beMatrix system is our go-to in helping to create fan experiences. But what exactly IS the beMatrix system and what makes it so unique?

The beMatrix system is composed of aluminium framing that is lightweight, allowing for ease of assembly and durability. But the best thing about the system is that no tools are required to assemble the system. NOT ONE! (The main reason why our production team enjoy building with beMatrix so much!). It is no exaggeration when we say that nothing is beyond our build capabilities using the beMatrix system!

As one of the most sustainable products on the market, beMatrix is a great addition within our ‘Provision Green Policy.’ The system can be reused frequently, meaning its long-life cycle reduces the need for new frames. As a result, the system helps meet both our environmental goals and our clients too.

The flexibility of the system was showcased across various events and activations we delivered last year:

· Exhibition spaces – as part of our long-term relationship with Tourism Ireland, we have been delivering exhibitions across multiple European Tour events on their behalf. The beMatrix system is adaptable and invisible, making the finish of the exhibit flawless!

· Long putt – a classic Provision activation, beMatrix is used for the walling of their long putts which can be adapted to suit any length or shape, while also providing unique branding options. Our long putt at the BMW PGA Championship never fails to disappoint fans and is a great way to promote the BMW brand.

· ‘Be the Ball’ – a newfound timeless activation, the invisibility of beMatrix is incredible, meaning eyes are cast over the branding of the activation rather than the framing!

· Simulators - we are well known for our sports simulators and regularly use the beMatrix system to offer a more premium looking structure. A brilliant example of this was the golf simulator we built at the 2021 Ryder Cup, where the beMatrix system effortlessly housed the first tee experience!

The list really is endless for the ways in which we can utilise the beMatrix system. Innovation is what makes our full-service sport activation package so unique. It is inevitable that beMatrix will be a significant feature within our work this year. Paired with the minds of our fantastic designers and experienced build team, it is an unstoppable partnership in the world of sport! Our next event in the USA is set to be an unforgettable experience for fans, unveiling more benefits of the beMatrix system and our activation proficiencies. We cannot wait to reveal all the nitty gritty details with you soon! We promise that it will be well worth the wait. With our ability to build at any event or location, get in contact with us today to talk to us about how we create some noise around your event!

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