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USGA: Museum Experience

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Client: USGA

Event: US Open 2022

Activation: Museum Exhibit

Location: The Country Club, Brookline, Massachusetts

The Brief:

The US Open is steeped in history that spans over 150 years and has played a significant role in the development of golf. We were entrusted to create a fan experience that told the history of the US Open within a broader social and cultural context. The fan experience was also a contribution to golf’s wider campaign in celebrating and recognising diversity, equality and inclusion. The Process:

We wanted fans to come through the experience and become immersed in the incredible history of the US Open by reliving the tournaments best moments. It was important we covered all aspects of the tournament including competitors, qualifiers, champions and the various challenges they faced competing.

The Result:

USGA Museum Experience: Our Museum Experience featured both physical and digital touchpoints such as our augmented reality screens, for fans to engage with - all developed in house at Provision. Fans took a step back in time as they entered the experience, with 50 artefacts from the USGA displayed, alongside photographs and videos illustrating unforgettable moments.

Using our beMatrix walling, we were able to display 155 years of the US Open in an impactive and informative way. It was a pleasure for us to design and deliver a fan experience that celebrated key social and cultural milestones in golf. Over 4700 fans visited our USGA Museum Experience, leaving with a greater understanding and respect for all individuals who have positively impacted golf over the years; something that will be celebrated for years to come!

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