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JCB: Fan Zone

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Client: JCB

Event: JCB Championship 2022

Activation: Sports Zone

Location: JCB Golf & Country Club, Uttoxeter

The Brief:

Making their debut on the prestigious Legends Tour, JCB stressed the importance of wanting to create a word class event within golf. The tournament has a vision of becoming realised as an international event, where these ambitions needed to be reflected within the fan zone.

The Process:

The team were eager to get started on creating a bold and unique experience that embraced the brand and visions of JCB. With free rein to design the fan zone, we wanted to captivate fans attention by providing accessibility to exclusive activations as part of their experience at the event. Our focus was on creating a memorable experience for fans, to make a significant impact as a new event on the Legends Tour and across golf.

The Result:

JCB Fan Zone: We created a fan zone that encouraged fans of all ages to engage with various elements of golf, utilising key JCB brand assets.

JCB Racetrack: We provided a fleet of mini JCB diggers, where kids of all ages could race against each other on a custom-built racetrack!

Mini Golf: 6-hole mini golf course, complete with bespoke JCB obstacles.

Golf Simulator: Replicating the 17th at JCB Golf and Country Club, we designed a nearest the pin challenge for fans to have a go at.

Golf Nets: Inflatable golf nets for fans to try out golf clubs and practice their swing!

Multi-Sport Zone: We delivered football, rugby & golf activations, where they all focused on fans accuracy skills!

Viewing Area & Entrance Tent: We also designed and installed the entrance tent and viewing area, using our stunning arch structures – always an eye-catching feature at events! Fans could take a break from walking the course and watch live tournament coverage in our viewing area.

It was a pleasure for our team to deliver a fan zone to this scale at what is set to be, one of the UK’s most iconic golfing locations. Our fan zone certainly made a lasting impression on fans, where we supported and elevated JCB’s debut in the golfing world. The event was testament to the fact that our team can deliver any event brief, armed with the distinctive elements of our full-service sport activation package.

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