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Abu Dhabi Sports Council: Sports Zone

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Client: Abu Dhabi Sports Council & The DP World Tour

Event: Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship 2022

Activation: Sports Zone

Location: Yas Links, Abu Dhabi

The Brief:

Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC) have supported the HSBC Championship for a number of years, as part of their efforts in encouraging sports participation and developing youth sport. ADSC wanted to use the tournament as a platform to promote the various sports and projects they support in the UAE, to raise awareness of their work.

The Process:

It was pivotal that the activations enticed fans interest from both a participation and visual perspective. Within our 18-year history, we know that providing a host of interactive activations never fails to capture the attention of fans. We wanted to create an immersive personal experience that showcased the accessibility and breadth of sports within the UAE, to encourage increased sports participation within the region.

The Result:

Sports Zone: We created a dedicated sports zone that represented 5 sports supported by ADSC, where fans would register their details and receive a wristband with a unique code and 5 spaces for each sport. As they participate in each, these spaces would be checked off by one of our event managers. Fans could then redeem a prize, based on how many activations they completed.

Basketball Court: Fans had to score as many points as they could within the allocated time.

Mini Golf: 6-hole mini golf course, featuring obstacles that represented the various projects supported by ADSC.

Assault Course: Fans had to race against the clock to complete the assault course as quickly as possible!

Football: Target based challenge where fans had 30 seconds to score as many points as possible by kicking the ball through numerous holes.

Cycling: Fans had to peddle on bikes to power the gameplay (we made sure to house this activation under the shade!)

Relaxation & ADSC Information Area: We also provided a relaxation area for fans where they could take some time out from the buzz of the tournament. With seating under shading, the area was fitted out with screens displaying live tournament coverage and ADSC promoted events and additional information. Our football, cycling and relaxation areas were all housed within our arch structures, which tied in the whole area seamlessly.

Interactive Map: By scanning a QR code, fans could look at the tournament map on their phones or tablets that allowed them ease of navigation through features such as live player location on the course and route planning.

One of our goals for 2022 is to share our passion for sport and participation through our ability to deliver world class activations covering a wide range of sports. We welcomed hundreds of fans through our sports zone, where it was a pleasure for our team to positively contribute to ADSC participation initiatives as our first fan zone of 2022. As another great event that showcased our full-service activation package, we cannot wait to deliver more of our incredible fan zones this year across the globe!

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