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World Snooker Tour: WST Fan Zone

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Client: WST

Event: World Snooker Championship 2022

Activation: Fan Zone

Location: The Crucible, Sheffield

The Brief:

WST have been driving fan activation and engagement across snooker for the past couple of years, where we’ve been played a significant role in supporting these efforts. The brief was focused on creating a fun interactive area that enhanced fans experience of the World Snooker Championship, a flagship event on the snooker calendar.

The Process:

We wanted to create the ultimate fan experience of snooker, that captured fans interest from both a participation and visual perspective. Over the years some of our snooker activations have become timeless and are a great way to promote inclusion within the sport. Combine this with our astounding arch structures, we knew that our fan zone would undoubtedly attract a lot of attention!

The Result:

WST Fan Zone: Featuring both familiar and new snooker activations, the Fan Zone was every snooker fan’s paradise!

Blue Ball Challenge: A take on our timeless Long Putt activation, we used a 5M snooker table and challenged fans to pot the blue ball into the pocket at the other end of the table – easier said than done!

Shuffle Snooker: Our twist on the classic game, we implemented the fundamentals of both snooker and shuffleboard where fans had to score as many points as possible.

Buzz Wire: Fans needed nerves of steel to guide the wand without hitting the metal wire.

Trick Shots: An opportunity for fans to experience some real snooker trick shots!

Photo Opportunity: Over 1,800 fans had their photo taken with snooker’s biggest stars against the iconic backdrop of the Crucible itself.

Using our arch structures to house our Fan Zone was a unique and effective way to draw the crowds in. We utilised the breathtaking effect our structures have, to encourage fans engagement and give snooker a fresh, exciting outlook. We welcomed over 8,000 fans and was great for our team to witness the incredible atmosphere our activations can create – who knew snooker could be so exhilarating!

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