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What's So Fascinating About Our Virtual Design Studio?

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

As I’m sure you are all aware this year has been an exciting, busy and massively successful year in our 18-year history! Our Virtual Design Studio is a remarkable and unique service offering that makes Provision stand out from the crowd. Without sounding too boastful, it is what makes us one of the world’s leading sport activation agencies! Our creative and digital team are wizards in bringing ideas to life for both the PVE team and the clients we work with. Whether it’s 3D visuals or flythroughs, artwork or digital experiences we can provide bespoke designs and platforms to support brands, events and agencies in meeting their goals.

This year we’ve designed and created multiple digital fan experiences, alongside some incredible 3D visuals and flythroughs to demonstrate exactly how our sport activations and fan zones will look in an event setting – down to every detail! But what’s so special about our creative services that positions us at the top of global sport activation?

3D Visuals & Renders

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words – which is exactly what our 3D renders do! Once we receive a brief, we put our heads together to brainstorm initial ideas and visions that work within the provided event space. We then pass this onto our designers, who create 3D visuals including activations and brand/event assets, demonstrating the overall look and accessibility of the area. Take a look below at some of our best 3D visuals this year, including Genesis Scottish Open entrance arch, Charleston Open Speed of Serve Challenge in South Carolina and our Hankook Exhibition Stand the MLB All Star Conference in LA. For our bigger and bolder fan zones (with time permitting!) our designers also create flythroughs. These provide a more detailed close up look of each activation and gives an idea of the user journey through the fan zone.

Digital Experiences

With a wide range of creative and digital solutions that can be repurposed or reskinned, this allows us to work to bespoke design demands. This year, we’ve designed some epic digital touchpoints and experiences for fans to engage across various sports.

· Zoom Out Photo Experience at Red Bull Rampage – working with our partners Noonah, we delivered something a little different last month in Utah! Fans could get a photo with the event trophy and Kia vehicle, which then panned out to show the incredible desert backdrop. Take a look at the result below.

· Interactive Health Zone at AIG Women’s Open – this zone focused on promoting the health benefits of golf. We provided various digital touchpoints such as interactive games and quizzes, and a step count challenge.

· European Callaway Roadshow data capture & leaderboard – our Callaway Roadshow visited 5 European events on the DP World Tour this year. We designed a bespoke data capture platform & leaderboard, where fans would register their details before the experience and receive a wristband with a unique code. Once they completed our ‘Take on a Pro’ golf simulator challenge, their names and scores would join the leaderboard. The leaderboard displayed fans scores across all events, making it an incredible global competition!

· Photo Opportunity with the Davis Cup Trophy – as part of our LTA Fan Zone at the Davis Cup in Glasgow, fans could get their photo taken with the iconic (HUGE) Davis Cup trophy! We also provided three different backgrounds that fans could choose from to feature in their photos. Fans received their photos via email and could share across social media.

Our digital experiences are a great way to add that exclusivity and personal touch to events. Fans who attend the event in person have the chance to engage with our activations, fan zones and digital experiences - something that can only be experienced in person. Having those interactive opportunities for fans to engage with, goes beyond the live sporting action they have paid to see. Essentially, our sport activation work is what persuades fans to return to events.

Let’s not forget to mention the positive impact our digital experiences have on the climate! As part of our Provision Green policy we want to ensure our activation work has as little impact on the environment as possible. A great example of this is our interactive event map, eradicating the need for tournaments to print maps around the event site and to give to fans. Meeting both our clients and team Provision’s sustainability goals, everybody wins!

As the events season in the UAE kicks off, be sure to follow our social channels to spot our best digital experiences!

Get in touch with the team today or explore our Design Studio page to discover the endless opportunities our Virtual Design Studio can implement at your event.

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