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USGA: USGA Museum & Experience Fan Zone

Golf activation USA

Client: USGA

Event: U.S. Open & Women's U.S. Open 2023

Activation: USGA Museum & Experience Fan Zone

Location: LACC, LA & Pebble Beach, California

The Brief:

Following on from the success of our Museum Exhibit at the U.S. Open last year, we were entrusted again by the USGA team to deliver a bigger and better fan experience! The Fan Zone was split into two areas: USGA Museum showcasing the history of the tournament, and the USGA Experience to highlight the responsibilities, services and innovations the USGA provide within golf and to their members.

The Process:

Our design & production teams were incredibly excited to build on what we delivered last year, to produce an immersive and memorable experience that embraced the U.S. Open history, values and atmosphere. With the Fan Zone being split into two areas, it was important that there was a clear distinction between the USGA Museum & Experience, whilst making the user journey as seamless as possible to ensure fans enjoyed both areas.

The Result:

The USGA Museum & Experience: A monumental Fan Zone for golf fans to become engrossed in the impressive history of the men's & women's U.S. Open and to also be educated on the USGA and their work in golf across the USA. With numerous physical and digital touchpoints for fans to engage with, all developed in house at Provision, fans were treated to an unforgettable U.S. Open experience!

The USGA Museum

Putting Course: Three hole putting course where fans chose from a selection of putters spanning over 150 years! Scorecards, pencils and balls were collected at the starters hut.

Interactive Totem: Displaying four touchscreens on each side of the totem, two displayed our video vault where fans could view highlights from the tournament in U.S. Open history. One touchscreen allowed fans to be taken on a virtual tour of the USGA Museum, and our other touchscreen displayed the U.S. Open timeline for fans to take a step back in time!

Theatre: A dedicated space for fans to become fully immersed in the history and growth of the Women’s U.S. Open! The area had a classic cinematic feel and look for fans to settle in to see for themselves how the game has evolved in women’s golf.

The USGA Experience

Chipping Challenge: Three bay chipping challenge where fans attempted to hit the ball into one of the three targets on the outside range. This activation was a huge hit with fans!

Golf Simulator: An exclusive opportunity for fans to get an insight into the playing conditions at Pebble Beach. Fans could choose a hole on the golf course to play as they put their golf game to the test!

What Would You Shoot Photo Op: An iconic photo opportunity where fans could pose against various beauty sports on the LACC and would then add in their target score to their photo. This was calculated using the world handicap system and their handicap index. Fans then received their photo via email, with the option to share their snaps across social media platforms.

Be The Ball: Fans had to navigate the remote-controlled golf ball around two very different golf holes! The aim was to highlight the difference between a heavily irrigated course and a course that used much less water, to show how a golf course can still operate with minimal water.

Interactive Map: Displayed on a touchscreen, fans tapped the screen where they would be taken to a page to enter their details and sign up to get a handicap index. The map showed all the allied golf associations in the USA and included search functionality.

Water Quiz: Interactive quiz on a touchscreen that tested and educated fans on water use and consumption in golf in the USA.

It was fantastic to be given the opportunity once more to activate at one of golf’s major championships! We made sure to bring every element to life across the Fan Zone, as we delved into all our service offerings with club in hand activations, digital experiences and interior fit out capabilities. Fans left with a greater understanding of the history of the U.S. Open and the breadth of services that the USGA provide within the sport and for their members. It gives us great pleasure to acknowledge that activation is now firmly set within U.S. Open history!

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