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The Ryder Cup 2018: Fan Zone

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Client: European Tour & Aberdeen Investments

Event: The Ryder Cup

Activation: Fan Zone / exhibit

Location: Paris, France

The Idea

With some projects we are given free rein to come up with an engaging and memorable activation. This project was one of these. We were told the space we had, and that the activation needed to celebrate the Ryder Cup in some way. A blank canvas is an exciting place to start!

The Process

The team had a think about the tournament and what was iconic about it – what was it that stood out? How could we ensure the client had great brand exposure? The concept that was presented and agreed was a simulation of how players feel on the first tee and to give fans the chance to experience this.

The Product

A fully immersive first tee simulation. Fans registered using wristbands unique to them and started in the locker room by watching a video from the captains to motivate them for their shot ahead. When fans stepped up to take their go, they tapped their wristband and the experience was completely personalised. Their heartrate was measured, their name was announced to the crowd – it was time! Their shot was filmed and sent to them so they could re-live the moment and share it across their social channels.

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