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How To Promote Sustainability In Your Sports Event Management Company

There are many ways in which you can make your sporting events management company more sustainable such as introducing an environmental programme to work with event production, creating a green policy and recycling in the workplace.

This blog can help you to gain advice on sustainability in making your corporate events planner a more sustainable company.

How you can Use Event Structures to Make your Event Company Sustainable

Promoting Public Transport to Save on Carbon Emissions

There are many ways in which you can go about structuring your event management company to promote sustainability with maximum results. Firstly encouraging sustainable transport e.g. using bikes and buses, is a sure way to promote sustainability. The main cause of climate change is still car emissions. At the UK’s most famous festival, Glastonbury, 40% of festival attendees use public transport to get to the festival and contribute to lowering our carbon impact. This demonstrates how willing people are to contribute to saving the planet, by promoting public transport by; creating eye-catching posters, social media marketing and coach organisation discounts.

Three-quarters of carbon emissions are still a result of transportation via road. Although public transport is a fantastic way to reduce carbon emissions, it is important to note as the BBC suggests in a recent report they found ride-hailing services emit 69% more harmful pollution than the journeys they displace. You can learn more about this here!

Going Digital!

There are many advantages for sustainability to go digital, although paper may be better for the environment than most plastics, you have to consider the drastic impacts that deforestation has upon the environment as well.

Here are 5 ways your Sports Events Management Company can go Digital

  1. Instead of physical paper tickets to events, tickets can be sent out via email or using ticketing apps

  2. Sending out newsletters digitally via email to keep your clients up to date with the latest information.

  3. Utilising cloud-based technologies to store data and files rather than paper filing is not only ungreen but much more time-consuming than digital data storage.

  4. Educating your employees. Digital education can help employees make their own conscious decisions to use digital applications rather than paper in the office and their day-to-day lives yet the Daily Telegraph suggests 47% of people do not feel confident with digital transformations. This conveys the substantial need for education in this area.

  5. Utilising video chat services so that employees may work from home to save carbon emissions in terms of transportation.

Recycling at your Sports Events Management Company’s Office

There are many ways you can increase your recycling amount or efficiency at your sports events management company's office. Making this a priority promotes sustainability within the workplace and contributes to the connotation of the correct environmental decisions.

Here are 6 ways you can go about putting this into place!

  1. Firstly this may seem obvious but, making sure recycling bins are clearly labelled so employees know where they are and what to put in each bin. If they are not, employees are less likely to make use of them.

  2. Thinking about E-waste can help improve sustainability in the workplace, many people do not have the time to go to lots of different places to recycle different types of metal, so having onsite E-recycling opportunities for employees can be of great help.

  3. Buying cutlery, mugs and plates can be helpful as it makes sure employees don’t go out and buy cardboard or plastic versions of these to compensate for the lack of them in the workplace.

  4. When it is vital to print, try to print on both sides of the paper so that every space is used up rather than doubling your paper usage unnecessarily.

  5. Make sure to buy recycled ink cartridges rather than non-recycled ones.

  6. Do you have the outdoor space for a compost bin? It is recommended that people eat five fruits and vegetables a day, this means there at the least, the skins of these fruit and vegetables which are biodegradable and could be used as compost to use in the office for plants or given to the local community. Composting goes under aerobic decomposition as opposed to anaerobic decomposition which results in the production of methane and carbon dioxide which are the fundamental contributors to the thinning of the ozone layer and global warming.

Whom You Choose to Work with Your Sports Events Management Company Matters.

There are many environmental programmes and charities which you should consider working with to improve your mindset on the environment and reduce your sports events management company’s carbon footprint. So what is a carbon footprint? It is a measurement of the volume of carbon dioxide that a specific person, group, or community has contributed to the atmosphere through their activities. By working with environmental programmes your sports events management company can contribute to saving our planet

Event Cycle

At Provision Events, we work with Event Cycle in order to be more informed about our impact on the environment and create a proactive way that we do our bit at our sporting events. At our events, Gallager Way Fan Zone and at Betfred British Masters, from our company’s marketing banners, Event Cycle created beach bags! This was a fantastic way to employ our knowledge of sustainability practically and create a great product from what would otherwise be 100% waste. According to The Natural Environment, 100,000 sea turtles and other marine animals perish annually as a result of being strangled in bags and mistaking plastic bags for food.

Furthermore, many people believe that paper bags are a good substitute for plastic bags, yet they still have a harmful impact on the environment. Reusable bags are the ideal substitute for plastic bags because they help save 11 barrels of oil. You can learn more about this here. This is why we made the conscious decision to work with Event Cycle as we aim to make the best difference we can possibly make in terms of sustainability.

Cycle to Work Schemes

A very simple way to promote sustainability with corporate events planners and sport event agencies is to promote government approved cycle to work schemes. In the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy, which was released in 2017, the government's goal was made clear: it wanted cycling and walking to be the obvious alternatives for shorter trips or as a component of a longer trip.

The advantages are significant levels of active travel such as cycling are improved. Not only can it aid the environment but provide results in more affordable travel and improved health for people. Additionally, it results in less traffic, better air quality, and lively, appealing neighbourhoods and communities for society as a whole. As outlined here the benefits are plentiful.

Geo Foundation

In order to increase sustainability and take global climate action within the golf industry, we have joined the Geo Foundation for Golf. We worked with the Geo Foundation team to develop our Provision Events Green Policy, the policy attempts to assist the environmental objectives of our clients by employing long-lasting materials, working with ethical suppliers, finding sustainable substitutes, and recycling event waste. We aim to expand our environmental knowledge by working with companies with sustainability at their core in order to transfer this attitude to our own corporate events planning.

Creating your own Green Policy

There are many avenues you may want to take when creating your green policy which will suit your event agency best, however, it is vital to promote sustainability in your sporting events company to do so. Please have a look at our own green policy at Provision Events.

Things to think about when creating your own green policy

  1. Provide details into how committed you are as a company to sustainability to demonstrate not only to Clintell but employees how you are willing to make changes and implement them in terms of your events.

  2. Aim to keep the statement daily short and easy to follow ensuring the masses understand all of the key information.

  3. Make sure the policy is realistic, statements such as ‘we aim to reduce carbon emissions by 10%’ are not appropriate as it is too general, nonspecific and immeasurable.

At Provisional Events we Understand Sustainability

Unfortunately, we are all too aware at Provision Events of the climate crisis we are in which is why we are making a constant conscious effort to always make decisions to combat this crisis and move toward an ever more sustainable event management company. To read about our sustainability journey so far please read this blog. If you have any questions about making you company more sustainable please contact us here.

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