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Horizon: Fan Zone

Horizon Irish Open

Client: Horizon

Event: Horizon Irish Open 2023

Activation: Fan Zone

Location: The K Club, Straffan, Ireland

The Brief:

As a flagship event that draws some of the biggest crowds on the DP World Tour, title sponsors Horizon wanted to step it up this year and deliver an exciting and exclusive experience for fans. The objective was to embrace and promote the connection between Horizon and Ireland through the tournament’s international platform and recognition.

The Process:

Considering the link between Horizon and Ireland the team looked into the Gaelic Games, sports which originate from Ireland and are played worldwide. The production team were confident we could replicate these sports accurately through the magic of activation. We were also keen to include some of our new technology to amplify fans experience by immersing themselves in the Horizon brand and event.

The Result:

Horizon Fan Zone: A unique and captivating Fan Zone featuring numerous physical and digital activations covering 5 sports that emphasised the link between Horizon, Ireland and the tournament.

VR Golf: Fans had the opportunity to delve into the golf VR world on the Top Golf range!

Hurling: A traditional Gaelic sport, fans used the hurling stick to hit the ball into the targets on the wall to achieve as many points as possible in 60 seconds.

Rounders: We put fans reaction skills to the test, where they had to hit the ball with the rounders bat as the ball was launched towards them.

Football: Using our smart wall technology, fans had 60 seconds to score as many points as possible by throwing the ball into the target on the wall.

Basketball: One of our brand-new simulator experiences to debut in our fan zones this year, fans took on our bespoke branded basketball simulator! With 60 seconds on the clock, fans had to navigate their way around the in-game court and throw the ball at the targets to score points.

Kids Zone: In collaboration with the charity Make A Wish, the area allowed kids a creative space to draw and write their messages to loved ones on our wish wall. We also had tables & chairs for other craft activities, and bean bags for kids to take a break!

Long Putt: Fans engagement with our long putt supported the fund-raising efforts of Make A Wish, helping to raise over £4,000 over the period of the event – a fantastic achievement!

It was great to return to the event once again to build on our success from last year and ramp up fans experience of the tournament. It is clear from this event that activations work incredibly well in communicating key brand messages through the power of physical and in person interaction. The team enjoyed delivering activations that were different to our usual offering, showcasing the scale of bespoke and detailed fan zones we can deliver. It is always hugely satisfying as well to see how well our activations perform in fund raising for charities – clear evidence that our teams hard work paid off!

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