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Hoag: Fan Hospitality Experience

Client: Hoag

Event: Hoag Classic 2024  

Activation: Hospitality Experience  

Location: Newport Beach Country Club, California       

The Brief:

Following on from the success of the Hospitality Experience last year, Hoag entrusted us to do the same thing this year, but on a bigger scale! Whilst the brief was still focused on creating a premium and unique fan hospitality experience, the Hoag team asked us to elevate the area more this year to showcase their technical abilities as a non-profit regional health care provider in California.

The Process:

With the brief outlining Hoag’s desire to boost the experience even more from last year, our design & production teams got their heads together for some creative inspiration! We had the same site space to work with as last year, and a focus on delivering a high quality and exclusive brand experience for fans to engage with. The team also investigated how we could subtly drop in touch points to the local area such as the connection with California and Orange County.

The Result:

Fan Hospitality Experience: An immersive and unique hospitality experience, tailored to the Hoag brand with key themes and messaging throughout the area. With the inclusion of various physical & digital touchpoints, fans enjoyed the full Hoag, golf and California experience!

Long Putt: A fan favourite at any golf event, our bespoke long putt was themed around Newport Beach where fans had to putt down the pier over the beach and water to hole the putt at the end of the pier, where the Ferris wheel was!

Table Tennis: Positioned against the stunning backdrop of our Hoag foliage wall, fans could take some time to play table tennis with friends and family.

Photo Opp: Signifying California as Orange County, our team designed a bespoke photo opp where fans stood on an orange platform which included the Hoag logo. A great souvenir for fans to take from the event!  

Holograms: An exciting digital activation, fans could interact with the holograms that would encourage them to get moving!  

Colouring Wall: Continuing the Orange County theme, fans coloured in various areas of the wall over the 3 days which was full of colour by the end of the week!

Shoe Cleaning: A great addition to the hospitality area, fans could get the full VIP treatment for their shoes.

It was a pleasure to deliver the Hoag Fan Hospitality Experience once again, that showcased our distinctive full-service event capabilities and the scale we can fulfil. We welcomed over 4,000 fans through the Hoag Experience across the three days with 394 photos taken, not to mention the full brand exposure Hoag achieved! Our team did a phenomenal job in taking this Hospitality area to the next level to provide fans with the ultimate Hoag and California brand experience!

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