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FIFA Club World Cup: Fan Zone

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Client: Flash Entertainment

Event: FIFA Football Club World Cup 2022

Activation: Be the Ball & Hole in One Challenge

Location: Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

The Brief:

The global impact of Covid resulted in the FIFA Club World Cup 2021 being postponed from early summer in 2021 to February 2022. With the UAE stepping in last minute to host the event, we were commissioned to design and deliver a fan zone for fans to interact with and enjoy across four matches.

The Process:

Activations play an integral role in fans entertainment at any sporting event. The recent plans to expand the FIFA Club World Cup mean more fans coming to matches globally. Considering this, we wanted to ensure our fan zone made a positive impact on fans experience of the tournament, to encourage their return to the event. Our activations needed to be enjoyable and meaningful to fans, outside of the live sporting action.

The Result:

Our team got their creative hats on! The result: the debut of our NEW FOOTBALL activations that took elements of our timeless activations but with a twist! We also made sure that the activations looked just as spectacular at night as well as in the day!

‘Be the Ball’: We gave our classic golf activation a makeover to make it football based. Fans used iPads to control the ball on the football pitch, where they had to navigate the ball through the maze and into the goal.

Hole in One Challenge: Another twist on one of our most popular activations, fans had to kick the football down a 15M stretch pitch and score a goal. Fans competitive sides were definitely shown at this activation!

Our design and event management team relished the opportunity to deliver some new activations that all international football fans would love. The fan zone drew in big crowds at all four matches and became the central hub for fans, contributing towards the buzz of the tournament. It was a great opportunity for us to showcase the reach and scale of our proficiencies, where we cover numerous sports at major global sporting events.

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