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DP World: Fan Zone

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Client: DP World & DP World Tour

Event: DP World Tour Championship

Activation: Long Putt, Multi-Sport Area & Kids Zone

Location: Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai

The Brief

We've been working closely with the DP World Tour over the 2022 season to deliver various scales of fan experiences across numerous renowned events on the golfing calendar. We were entrusted to deliver a fan zone that provided fans with an exclusive and thrilling experience as the final event of the 2022 season! We were also asked to look at how we could promote DP World as a brand, and educate fans on their operations as a shipping company.

The Process

The design & production teams were excited to deliver an interactive club in hand fan zone, featuring our most popular activations this year. We also wanted to embrace the environmental elements of Dubai, showcasing the region as an established golfing destination. Considering this, we looked at how we could use golf as a way to represent the work of DP World, that was memorable for fans both engaging in the activation and attending the event. It was also important to deliver activations that fans of all abilities and ages could engage with.

The Result

DP World Tour Fan Zone: Our Fan Zone included our Multi-Sport Area, Kids Zone and bespoke Long Putt.

Long Putt: We designed and built a 100 foot Long Putt that replicated the story and journey of a DP World shipping container. With the golf ball acting as a truck, fans would start the 'truck' on it's journey by hitting the ball down the motorway, into the container yard and then finishing up in the port, to then be shipped around the world! The activation also included sand and water elements to represent Dubai and Jumeirah Golf Estates environment.

Multi-Sport Area: Featuring our tennis & rugby shy activations, alongside our football target challenge, fans accuracy skills were put to the test across a range of sports!

Kids Zone: We designed an area to allow kids to get creative with a colouring wall and arts & crafts area, with the space also including a stage to allow for entertainment. We also had a ball pit, basketball and air hockey games as well - plenty to keep kids active!

Chipping Challenge on Kite Beach: Throughout the month of November, we built and delivered our Skeeball Chipping Challenge on Kite Beach to promote the DP World Tour Championship. We welcomed thousands of fans, where our Event Managers were on hand to give basic coaching to fans who had never played golf before. It was a pleasure for the team to see so many fans pick up a golf club for the first time and be inspired!

We have been activating at the DP World Tour Championship for the past few years now, with the event always being a great highlight on our event schedule! The team always enjoy getting creative in rethinking ways in which our clients can promote and represent their brand in unique and engaging ways. We love being able to offer our clients a platform to communicate and expand their audience, utilising our design and production capabilities - a rare and unique service that really cannot be found anywhere else!

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