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British Land: Cricket Simulator

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Client: British Land

Event: Let’s Play Cricket

Activation: Cricket Simulator

Location: Three locations across London: Paddington Central, Regent’s Place & Broadgate

The Brief:

British Land wanted to provide entertainment for their occupiers across their three London Locations; Paddington Central, Regent’s Place & Broadgate. By providing an engagement opportunity for workers in these areas, British Land wanted to use this as an opportunity to promote their apps (Paddington & Broadgate) to drive more downloads.

The Process:

We considered various sports and activations we could deliver across the three locations. With the Hundred and England test cricket going on in London, it seemed timely to capitalise on this. The automated and intelligent BatFast cricket simulator technology allows for full accessibility – and of course unforgettable and thrilling experiences! We needed to get creative in designing our gameplay for the simulator, that incorporated a fun competitive edge to the activation.

The Result:

Cricket Simulator: We designed, installed, and delivered our premium BatFast cricket simulator across three locations of British Land. Over a two-week period, workers in these areas had the chance to face our batting simulator to win vouchers for their work colleagues or treat their company to a day out! Leaderboards were displayed by the activation, where workers could also access the leaderboard by downloading the apps.

We welcomed 6,358 fans through our cricket simulator resulting in 19,066 balls delivered across all three sites! The feedback we received from workers who took part was tremendous! Workers highlighted their increased enjoyment at work where for some, it was a beneficial stress reliever. There was a great element of competition, with teams often coming down toegther to compete against each other. The atmosphere over the two weeks was terrific, and it was satisfying for our team to see the smiles and laughter we brought to the average working week! It really is remarkable how powerful sport activation can be.

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