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World Snooker: Snooker Skills Challenge

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Client: World Snooker

Event: Cazoo Masters

Activation: Blue Ball Challenge, Buzz Wire & Shuffle Snooker

Location: Alexandra Palace, London

The Brief:

After activating previously at the Masters Snooker back in 2020, we were asked again on behalf of World Snooker to deliver multiple activations for fans to engage with that embraces the skills involved with the sport.

The Process:

World Snooker have been working on developing the entertainment side of the Masters tournament for the past couple of years, to provide fans with more than just the sporting competition they have paid to see. We wanted to incorporate the key skills involved with playing snooker and provide fans with interactive opportunities to enhance their experiences of the tournament.

The Result:

Snooker Skills Challenge: We created three snooker themed activations that put fans snooker skills to the test.

Shuffle Snooker: Our twist on the classic game, we implemented the fundamentals of both snooker and shuffleboard to emphasise the high level of skill needed to be successful in this challenge!

Buzz Wire: A true test of nerves, fans needed to guide the wand without hitting the metal wire.

Blue Ball Challenge: A take on our timeless Long Putt activation, we used a 5M snooker table to create our ultimate ‘Long Pot’ challenge, where fans had to pot the blue ball into the pocket at the other end of the table – more challenging than it looks!

It was rewarding for the Provision team to be involved in welcoming back crowds to the tournament and seeing the enjoyment and excitement of fans through their engagement with our activations. We are privileged to be part of the growing development of fan entertainment within the World Snooker Tour, where the future looks positive for activations becoming a common central feature at major snooker events.

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