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What Do We Want to Achieve in 2022?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

2022 is already well underway for the Provision team, where our US event team saw in the new year basking in the glorious Hawaiian sunshine at the Sentry Tournament of Champions. Not a bad way to start off the year!

With the first event of the year firmly under our belt, it’s safe to say that we breathed a sigh of relief as we started 2022 exactly the way we wanted. Rewind 12 months, the cancellation of sporting events revealed the unsavoury absence and silence of sports fans and the uncertain future that faced Provision Events. With this in mind, we want share with you some of our goals we will be working towards as we progress through the year, which is already shaping up to be our busiest yet.

So, what do we want to achieve in 2022?

Provision Green Policy

As many of you are aware, we have been working on creating our Provision Green Policy, which outlines how we will be implementing more sustainable practices as a company and, how we can help our clients in meeting their environmental goals. We have already started to make small changes across our international offices and are close to revealing our full Green Policy very soon! It has become an increasingly important goal within the company to consider the impact our activation work has on the environment, and there is no better time than the present to buckle down and become green!

Expansion of our team

With our event schedule looking likely to surpass pre-Covid levels back in 2019, we are already in the process of expanding our event management team. More events mean more fans, and so we need to meet the increasing demands of our event services by recruiting individuals who are passionate about sport. Our planned expansion of our team paints an optimistic outlook for us that goes beyond the next 12 months!

Sharing our passion for sport & participation

The entire Provision team are all incredibly passionate about sport and has always been an important aspect with every event we deliver. Our team love being able to offer greater accessibility to sport to everyone, where we deliver a wide range of activations that covers numerous sports. Our partnership with BatFast is strongly focused on increasing participation in cricket, where our simulator experiences are the first step in fans continued participation. This year we want to entice more fans than ever to pick up a golf club, or to throw a rugby ball. Our immersive and high level of realism experienced through our activations undoubtedly encourages this!

There is a growing feeling of excitement amongst the Provision team at HQ since the start of the new year, as we dive headfirst into a busy event schedule already! We want to celebrate the return of sports fans, aligned with our long-term focus on continuing our growth as a full-service sport activation agency – so let’s make 2022 our BEST YEAR YET!

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