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The Trials & Tribulations of Live Event Management!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

PHEW! It has been an incredibly busy but remarkable couple of weeks for our team. Just as we thought we had seen it all when it comes to managing live events, the extreme weather conditions that were thrown at us at The Players was something that we have never experienced before (especially in Florida!).

It was out of our hands, and we had to learn to accept this. Despite the challenges, our team dug deep and battled on through to deliver what was one of our most successful events to date. Let’s give you the details!

The Players Welcome Experience On behalf of the three proud partners of The Players, we designed, built and delivered four golf activations that created the ultimate Players fan experience.

Morgan Stanley – Bunker Challenge

Eagles for Impact (Morgan Stanley) – 3 Hole Putting Course

Optum – Long Putt

Grant Thornton – Skeeball Challenge & Photo Mosaic

Whilst we were graced some glorious sunshine for the first couple of days, the thunderstorms soon arrived resulting in significant weather delays. We had to make some quick moves to keep all the branding dry: the phrase ‘soaked to the skin’ was definitely an understatement!

This wasn’t the last of the weather challenges though. Once the rain disappeared, the wind arrived which again, wasn’t ideal conditions for our branding! We had to come up with some swift production solutions in order for us to activate safely for the rest of the day. It was a huge relief once we figured out how to adapt our activations to the windy conditions, so a MASSIVE well done to our production team for their quick thinking!

Due to the delays, the tournament was extended over to the Monday. However, we happy to have activated for a full two days over the Sunday and Monday, where we welcomed thousands of enthusiastic fans. The temperature did drop and was very chilly, but it was a relief for us to be able to activate in a less destructive environment shall we say!

Even though we lost hours of being live, we still welcomed over 16,000 fans across all our activations. Over 2,000 photos were taken as part of our fun photo opportunities we had, and every single fan left our Fan Zone with a smile on their face. What more could we possibly ask for?

Every event is different, and every event is faced with different challenges, some harder than others. Who knew that weather conditions could cause so much chaos! However, The Players Championship 2022 has taught us to always be open minded when going into an event, because you will never be able to predict what will happen. Our main priority was and always is, to deliver a great fan experience working alongside brands, agencies & rights holders.

It was our determination and optimism that enabled us to still deliver a hugely successful event. The trials and tribulations of live event management is what gives us the edge over our competitors because we always know how to handle any situation and we never let anything dampen our spirits! We always respond to challenges with urgency and professionalism and no barrier is ever too great for us to surpass. Words cannot explain how proud we are to have such a resilient, hardworking and proactive team: and that’s the DNA of every single Provision Events team member.

After an eventful week, our US team are now moving onto Texas, where we will be delivering multiple events over the coming weeks across golf and tennis. Fingers crossed for better weather! Keep an eye on us to be kept updated on our latest US adventures – we are excited to share with you soon what we have in the pipeline!

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