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Our Mission to Become More Sustainable

The recent global agreements sparked by COP26 marked a significant milestone in the fight against climate change, and we are more determined than ever to incorporate more sustainable approaches into what we do as an international sports activation agency. The events industry is unfortunately known to have the reputation of being a wasteful sector, alongside being one of the biggest emitters of C02. With calls for the industry to start accelerating their actions as part of the continuous climate change battle, we are driven to join the united efforts in caring for our environment!

Sport is a great platform in promoting social change, and we feel that we can utilise this in an even more positive way that considers Provision’s impact on the environment. We are currently considering various ways in which we can achieve this;

· Using more sustainable materials for our branding & printing

· Waste management solutions post event

· Creating an eco-friendlier workplace

· Offsetting the carbon that we cannot reduce

· Encouraging individual climate positive actions within our fantastic team!

· Promoting our sustainability values when activating at events

So why have we suddenly decided to take the step in becoming more sustainable? COP26 highlighted climate change as the biggest challenge to emerge from the modern era (which is undoubtedly an alarming statement!). In light of this, the Provision team came to an overwhelming realisation that our current production, delivery, and workplace operations need to change ASAP! Whilst this is a daunting challenge, we have decided to use this as a kick up our backside to make some positive and let’s face it, much awaited changes! We want to make a valid contribution towards climate and sustainability efforts, and what better time than the present to start?

We are excited to start our sustainability journey where we will be working with industry leading companies as we head into 2022, to start participating in more environmentally sustainable practices. Once finalised, we will be proudly sharing our Provision Green pledge that showcases not only our mission in providing memorable experiences for sports fans, but how we can still create amazing moments that considers the impact of our activation work on our amazing environment that is so easily taken for granted.

We would love to know your thoughts on our ideas in becoming more sustainable! Drop us a line by email or DM us on our social media channels, where we can discuss how we can enforce our new sustainable measures at your next event.

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