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Our 2021 Highlights!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Being a full-service sport activation agency comes with the ability to provide extensive service offerings, where 2021 will be a distinctive year in our surge towards connecting brands with sports fans worldwide with astounding extras! Let’s take you through some of our highlights from 2021 that delves into every area of our activation package to give you a good idea of what we’ve been up to!


We have been delivering simulator experiences since our existence 17 years ago, where we have loved being able to continuously enhance our gameplay that incorporates bespoke requirements to provide fans with the ultimate experience. This year has given us plenty of opportunities to deliver our best simulator experiences not just in golf, but also cricket, tennis and baseball through our partnership with BatFast. However, the team have handpicked a couple of our favourites which we think deserve recognition:

· We created gameplay where fans could experience playing the 18th Hole at Wentworth, delivered at the BMW PGA Championship on behalf of TRO. Fans couldn’t believe how realistic the gameplay was to the real thing, where the receptiveness of shots hit was scarily accurate!

· ‘Take on a Pro’ simulator was complete with Callaway branding, colours and logo both with the gameplay and also the branding, delivered at 3 European Tour Events across the UK. Over 1,700 fans came through the experience, and over 9,500 balls were hit – the numbers speak for themselves!


Our event services cover every aspect to ensure our event delivery process is seamless, with a supportive production, build and live event management crew and a commendable inventory of build capabilities. But one feature stood out from the rest this year as a result of our fantastic industry leading partnership: our BRAND NEW structures!

The unique arch shape is elegant yet impressive on the eye, entices fans interest into exploring what we have on offer. Elevating our activations greatly, the success of our structures has been incredible, and it is great for us to be able to branch out further than the sporting world into experiential and corporate events. Meguiars were thrilled with the exhibition stand we delivered for them this summer at Goodwood Festival of Speed and was also a central feature within our Atlantis Village last month at the DP World Tour Championship that housed all our activations and connected every part of the village together effortlessly.


We have a magnificent team of design experts where our Virtual Design Studio has come on leaps and bounds into becoming what we now class as an essential asset within our activation services. From initial concepts, into breathtakingly accurate 3D visuals, renders and fly through's we can help ideas become a reality, not forgetting our data and content capture options as well! 2021 has seen our design experts produce more visuals than ever before, and we think every single one deserves to be in the spotlight! However, the visuals we created on behalf of Atlantis for their Fan Village at the DP World Tour Championship was a game changer in showcasing how their brand would be embedded, a highlight of the year for sure!


As you all well know, activations are at the heart of what we do and every year we are adding to our endless list of new activations delivered. There was one particular activation however this year that stole the show, where fans of all ages absolutely loved having a go! Our ‘Be the Ball’ is now firmly set as one of our timeless activations, where we delivered this activation at multiple events across the globe – even we can’t help but have a go on it at Provision HQ (purely for testing purposes of course!). Using the beMatrix system the activation can be easily assembled at any event or location, making the whole activation even better!

2021 gave us so many things to be proud of, where the above is just a snippet of our success this year and we are determined to continue this into 2022. Happy New Year everyone!

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