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How the Digital Shift Has Impacted Our Activations

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

For some time now, the events industry has been undergoing a digital transformation. Consequently, event planners now place more focus on implementing digital elements within their activations, fan zones and exhibitions. With this shift of focus, our creative and digital capabilities are increasingly in demand across sporting events. From premium simulator technology to unique data capture solutions, the digital opportunities are endless.

But why are more and more events developing their technical offerings? The answer is simple – to achieve more efficient communication. Brands, rights holders and agencies are now incorporating more digital experiential methods into their marketing campaigns as a way to leverage their brand exposure further afield. This is where the magic of technology comes in! With tools such as sharing platforms and immersive simulator experiences, our interactive opportunities as a seamless addition to activations.

Let’s take you through our range of creative and digital solutions!

User Journey Experience

At every event we deliver, we always consider the impact of the user journey. Personal touches can really make the difference in brand recognition further down the line. Fans who associate their thrilling and unique experiences of an event will only leave them wanting more!

An example of this is our registration process, where we provided this for Abu Dhabi Sports Council at the HSBC Championship earlier this year. Fans would register their details and receive a wristband with a unique code and 5 spaces for each sport. As they participate in each, these spaces would be checked off by one of our event managers. Fans could then redeem a prize, based on how many activations they completed, with a follow up email afterwards to give them a summary of their performance. A great innovative way to include data capture within your marketing campaign!

Interactive Opportunities – Video Vaults, Games & Quizzes

These are effortless ways to incorporate more digital interactive elements. Video vaults are a great storytelling tool that brands and events can utilise to communicate their brand story, the event’s history, previous winners, and highlights of the event.

Our interactive games and quizzes are another great was for fans to actively engage with a brand at events. We delivered an interactive quiz for Atlantis last year in November at the DP World Tour Championship, which focused on promoting their Atlas Project and their commitment to supporting wildlife.

Simulators – Covering Multiple Sports

Our range of sports simulators is vast, and our gameplay can be customised in numerous ways – whether it is recreating an iconic golf hole or mapping the surface of the moon (which we have done before!).Using premium simulator technology, we provide fans with innovative and immersive experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. Our Callaway simulator we delivered across European Tour events last year, replicated a Tron like experience whilst incorporating the Callaway brand. It was a unique take on the brand, which was exactly why fans loved it so much!

Photo & Video Experiences

Increasingly we are asked to deliver photo and video opportunities, all of which include sharing options. This is a fantastic way for brands to build their online presence and community, where they can communicate to a wider audience both in person and online. Plus, it is a great takeaway for fans to have when visiting sporting events – who would pass up a chance to get their photo taken with a sporting icon?

Recently, we had a fun photo opportunity where fans could get their photo taken against the backdrop of the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass or with Morgan Stanley brand ambassador Justin Rose. We also have VR technology, where in the past have utilised this for fans to see the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai as an exclusive insight.

We will never underestimate the power and impact our timeless activations have in connecting brands with sports fans. Face to face engagement will always be a vital communication channel for brands and events. However, we have found recently that our digital solutions are a terrific addition to our activations by helping to drive brand identity and awareness. This is what our activations are aligned to do, and so our use of digital support is only set to increase as part of the digital movement within events.

With this in mind, keep a lookout on our social platforms over the coming weeks – we have some exciting digital revelations to share as part of our wider activations and fan zones! Don’t be shy in getting in touch with us directly at if you are looking to deliver something specific. Nothing is beyond our reach!

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