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How Our Brand Values Are Reflected In Our Activation Work

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Our brand values are the driving force behind our international activation work. As we have stated on multiple occasions, connecting brands with sports fans worldwide is more than our mission; it’s our passion! Year upon year, our teams across all departments work tirelessly to ensure we deliver above and beyond our client’s expectations. We take immense pride in acknowledging the positive impact our work has on wider society and sport. But the best part of it all? We have so much fun doing it!

We boast the reputation of being one of the world’s leading full-service sport activation agencies. Why? Because our presence at sport's biggest international stages such as our long-term involvement in the Solheim and Ryder Cup, signifies our level of proficiencies. But how are our brand values reflected in our work?

Supporting Brands & Events Every Step of The Way

We operate a full turnkey operation, making it a simple and seamless event delivery process for our clients. Consumer-brand relationships connect quicker upon discovery of shared values and beliefs. Our competencies revolutionise the way in which brands engage with sports fans. It’s a dream combination that allows us to give brands the power and support in delivering world class brand campaigns and fan experiences.

Nothing Is Beyond Our Reach

Nothing is beyond our team’s capabilities, where bespoke requirements can be easily met whether it’s conceptualising and building brand new activations from scratch or incorporating existing brand assets and products within fan zones. Our production team work closely with our clients to understand their needs, with the aim to go that extra mile on their behalf!

Industry Leading Partnerships

It was our brand values that lead us to our decision in partnering with BatFast. Our partnership is focused on using sports technology to drive increased participation across cricket, tennis and baseball. Getting fans involved in sport from a participation perspective has always been in our interests. Our activations are designed to give all fans the opportunity to get involved. It is no wonder charities, youth organisations and community groups highly commend our ability to make sport accessible to all!


This year, we are determined to implement more sustainable methods throughout our event delivery process. We want to ensure our impact on the environment is as minimal as possible. We will be sharing some very exciting news soon, where we will be teaming up with a fantastic organisation to help us on our sustainability journey! So keep an eye on us...

The bottom line is simple – we care. We care about building and supporting your brand campaign. We care about creating unforgettable moments and fan experiences at your event. We care about contributing to the global efforts of increasing sports participation. All these values have come together over the years, to build our fantastic workforce and partnerships that not only have our client’s best interests at heart, but positively impact society – WORLDWIDE!

So, if you’re wanting to introduce fan engagement into your next brand campaign, event or participation initiative get in touch! We will give you the confidence in knowing that working with us will strengthen your core values and visions - and that is what Provision Events is all about!

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