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Fan Zones: What Makes Them so Valuable in the World of Sport?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Let’s talk FAN ZONES! After delivering our first fan zone of the year last week at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship, we wanted to showcase how fan zones can help your tournament become a flagship event. Here at Provision, we have delivered hundreds of fan zones that reflects our reputation of being one of the world’s leading sport activation agencies. Sporting events are increasingly focused on how they can enhance fans experiences, that goes beyond the live sporting action they have paid to see. But what are the benefits for your tournament in having a fan zone courtesy of Provision Events?

Your Brand at the Forefront

Fan zones provide huge branding opportunities! There is always a significant amount of space involved with fan zones and villages. Utilising this space that incorporates your brand assets put’s your brand name in the spotlight. We can meet bespoke requirements, where we work with you to meet your customisation needs. With thousands of fans coming through the gates, your brand exposure will be remarkable!

Connecting with your Audience

Data capture is a great way to extend your audience reach. Enticing and engaging fans in activations give brands the power to positively impact on fans experiences. A great tool to use when working towards goals of increased brand exposure, product immersion and data collection; all of which lie within the specialities of our team! We can provide a range of sharing solutions to help build your online social community and presence. Content capture is also a proactive way in getting to know your audience better, such as their preferences and thoughts on your event or brand.

Enriching fans experience

Activations encourage fans not just to interact with your product or service, but to also experience your brand. Communicating your core values through activations within our fan zones enriches both fans perspective of your brand and the tournament. Creating unforgettable and meaningful memories is what encourages fans to return to your tournament!

Provision Events: Turnkey operation

By now you should realise how great fan zones really are! But what differentiates our fan zones from others, is our full turnkey operation. We are incredibly lucky to have an experienced and dedicated team of professionals across all departments including design, production and live event management. Everything you see is what we deliver, all in-house. Our team ensure that the entire event delivery process is seamless, supporting you throughout. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your event come to life: you’ll be in capable hands!

Every year, we are entrusted to deliver fan zones at some of the world’s major sporting events.

Every year, we are helping major industry leading brands to connect with sports fans worldwide.

Every year, our fan zones are developing to become even more immersive, innovative, and notable across the global sporting sphere.

Fan zones and activations is at the heart of what we do. We cannot wait to share with you throughout the year some of our most magnificent fan zones ever. With our incredible expansion achieved in 2021, the future is looking bright for fan zones!

So go on, drop us a line at to discover how our fan zones can transform your event. It will be a move that we are certain you will not regret!

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