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Everything You Need to Know About Our Virtual Design Studio

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

In just over two weeks, the entire Provision team will be heading out to Florida for The Players Championship. With preparations for this event starting 6 months ago, our design studio played an important role in the process. Which got us thinking; how can our design services be utilised more at events?

Our Virtual Design Studio has developed by leaps and bounds over the last two years just as Covid decided to make an appearance! The vast amount of free time Covid gifted to our team, allowed us to make some remarkable progress in our expansion of our design services. By doing so, the benefits to our clients and their events are huge. We love the fact that we are not only supporting our clients further but are also pioneering revolutionary technology within fan engagement in sport. An exciting future awaits!

But what makes Provision Events Virtual Design Studio so unique? How can our design services be implemented at your event? All you need to do is LOOK and you’ll see…

Our Virtual Design Studio can assist you and your sales team in generating more business for your tournament. We can help sell your tournament by supporting you in showcasing to prospect clients how they can get involved in hospitality, retail and activation ventures that enhance fan and VIP experiences. This is EXACTLY what fan engagement at events is all about! Let us do the work for you in arming you with the tools to present your tournament to the scale that is deserves.

But it doesn’t stop there! Our range of digital solutions are a great additional extra to our activations including;

· Data capture options such as registration forms

· Interactive games and leader board systems

· Content capture platforms like green screens, photo booths, virtual selfie experiences

· Interactive digital experiences such as games, apps and touchscreen programming of quizzes and content libraries.

Our most recent offering from our Virtual Design Studio is our interactive event map. Interest for this has quickly escalated, where we have designed interactive maps for the 2021 DP World Tour Championship and the 2022 HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship. With events increasingly under pressure to incorporate more sustainable practices, our event maps fit in brilliantly with this. Accessing the map on a mobile device rather than having thousands of maps printed is an easy and efficient change that can be implemented at any sporting event.

A picture paints a thousand words; and so do our 3D renders and flythroughs. We bring your ideas to life to help you rethink your existing assets and how we can implement exciting new fan experiences at your event. With a huge catalogue of off the shelf concepts and imagery to reskin or repurpose and the ability to work to bespoke design demands, we want your event to take advantage of this!

So go on, take the plunge! Make use of the remarkable proficiencies of our Virtual Design Studio and get in touch with us today!

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