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Enhance Your Engagement at Live Events With Our Digital Experiences

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Happy New Year to all our clients and partners! This week Provision HQ is buzzing with excitement as we head into a busy January to kick off 2023. Back in the early stages of 2022, we highlighted the digital shift of events as a major trend to be changing the way in which events communicate with fans. Our creative & production teams have been working hard to develop our digital experiences to adapt and respond to the everchanging environment within the sports industry. As a result, our live event digital platforms have become increasingly popular, and are now a common feature within our fan zones. With proven results of significantly enhancing engagement with fans at live events, we’ve supported various brands and agencies in communicating and connecting with a wider target audience. So, what exactly is all the fuss about with our digital experiences?

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We hope by now that our Provision Green Policy is common knowledge, but for those who aren’t aware we have made significant steps in becoming more environmentally conscious of how our work impacts the environment. Incorporating more of our digital experiences within fan zones means we are in official terms paperless - a great example of this is our registration and data capture platforms. Another example is our interactive event maps which eliminates the need for printed maps. Instead, fans can view the event map on their mobiles with ease by scanning a QR code on their tickets or event correspondence. All are fantastic ways in creating and delivering more sustainable events, which is a prime focus for us for 2023.

Personal Experience and Exclusivity

With all our clients, their end goal is to create a memorable impression with everyone attending the event. Why? To help increase brand awareness and build lasting relationships, all leading to the ultimate goal of brand loyalty. Allowing fans to feel special and valued is worth its weight in gold when it comes to marketing a brand or event. With an extensive range of in-person engagement technology, we can provide numerous unique and thrilling live event experiences for fans. Our photo experiences are hugely popular and never fail to create lasting memories for fans. With the ability to create bespoke photo mechanics, we have delivered numerous unique and exclusive experiences for fans at events that is personal to them. Have look below at some of our best photo experiences working with major sporting brands and agencies!

Enhanced Engagement

Social media is popular with all demographics and is a marketing channel that has the potential to be a huge influence on promoting and showcasing brands and events. All our digital live event experiences can be utilised to encourage fans to engage with your brand or event online. Whether it’s sharing a selfie with your followers, checking scores on a leaderboard, or registering your interest for future events, we can help you build your online community and presence. The more fans engage with your brand, the more recognisable your brand will be – even for those not attending the event in person!

Audience Insights Direct from Your Event

Whilst all the above points mentioned contribute to strengthening a brand or raising awareness of an event, it’s also important to gain useful information that helps gain that ROI that you want. Our data capture and registration systems are designed to do just that. Depending on your KPI’s, we can collect valuable information that gives you more insight into your audience and the opportunity to engage with them after the event. Brands and events can then take this information to understand, communicate and engage with their audience more fittingly to build that relationship.

Digital experiences are a powerful marketing tool and are set to be a big feature across the event industry. We take great satisfaction in seeing the level of excitement that fans get from participating in our digital experiences, accompanied with the fantastic results we gain for our clients as well! If your interested in learning more about how our digital activations can benefit your event, get in touch with us below – we are always on hand to help!

Our UAE production & event teams are working hard and are well underway with preparation for various events across the UAE. Keep a check on our socials below so you don’t miss any action! We have some exciting reveals to come…

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