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Activation for: Inspiring the Next Generation

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Sport is massively overlooked in terms of the benefits that can be achieved through engagement with sport, whether that’s as a sports fan or participant. Most of our work at Provision is within the golfing world, and we are all aware of the reputation golf has as a sport that is stuffy, boring, traditional and an old man’s game! From the perspectives of young people, being associated with a sport that has this image explains to a degree why participation rates in golf from the younger demographic are significantly lower compared to the older generation. Put simply; the image of golf doesn’t tend to attract younger people into the game.

Golf has the potential to become just as fashionable and attractive as football in the UK to the younger generation. All sport has the same benefits, the major challenge for golf is how the sport can break itself free from this tedious and uncool conventional image, that suppresses participation from the younger demographic.

So, the question that stands is how can we tackle this issue in golf and other sports? Cue the extensive list of activations that Provision Events have delivered over the last 17 years! We have delivered activations for brands, charities, governing bodies, schools and more! Our activations are accessible to all fans, and we have dedicated multiple activations that focus on getting young children involved. The activations we deliver are fun, exciting, and captivating, and have enticed thousands of young fans to engage in various sports that showcase the breath of sports we offer. What better way to introduce young people into sport? We all know from the last 18 months with lockdown how valuable live experiences are. But it’s the experiences you have when your young that can make all the difference in your sporting preferences. Go check out some of our recent case studies on our website that showcase some of the kids multi-sports zones we've delivered.

The fact is, here at Provision our mission is to connect brands with sports fans worldwide. But part of our triple bottom line, is to help in the efforts of inspiring more young people into sport (especially golf!). Our work at Provision is undoubtedly a step in the right direction in modernising golf, to give a fresh perspective on the sport. Inspiring the next generation to grow the game for the future is crucial, and it makes our success as sport activation specialists taste that extra bit sweeter knowing that we are positively contributing to sport in society.

For those brands who have a younger audience, activations can be hugely beneficial in connecting their brand with sports fans. Let’s take golf for example, if certain brands who typically have a younger audience create associations with golf, then the chances are younger people will start to take an interest in golf. It’s a win win situation from both sides; we can help boost your brand awareness and expand your audience, while also changing the stereotypical perceptions young people have of golf. Why would you ignore such a fantastic and plausible opportunity to not only maximise your brand’s identity, but to also encourage the younger generation into sport? We've recently activated for brands such as Cazoo, Alzheimer's Society, Puma and HSBC at various PGA & European Tour events, accompanied by our delivery of structures and activations at the 2021 Solheim Cup and Ryder Cup; the biggest international stages in golf!

There are numerous ways in which activations can benefit your brand. Get in touch with us today to have a chat about how we can help connect your brand with the younger generation. After all, inspiring the next generation of sports fans is a great way to keep your brand ALIVE and FRESH in the sporting world!

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