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2021: A Year in Review

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

2021 has proven to be one of the toughest year’s not just within our 17-year history, but for businesses across multiple industries worldwide. With the arrival of lockdown at the start of the year, the Provision team are thrilled to be ending 2021 on a positive note where we were still able to deliver an assortment of events for the second half of the year, at some of sport’s most iconic tournaments and locations globally.

We don’t want to focus all our attention however on the implications Covid presented to us as we have so much more positivity to shout about rather than the negatives that 2021 has graced us with! You don’t need us to tell you that the start of 2021 for us was a shambles! Despite this, 2021 marks not only our accelerated development into a full-service sport activation agency but has also highlighted to us just how lucky we are to have such a resilience and motivated team of professionals who have helped us to achieve this milestone. We want to give you an exclusive insight into Provision’s activation world and to show you the range of emotions, ups and downs and positives we want to take with us as we head into 2022 to make a strong and focused start to the year!

We have been slowly rebuilding our team back up this year, where job roles within the business have changed constantly to meet the demands of the sporting and activation industry. Stuart joined the team earlier this year as our Business Development Manager in Golf just as we started to emerge from the restrictions of the pandemic, and details exactly what his job role entails and how new challenges faced him as the world started opening back up again:

“My role mainly involved reaching out to new and existing clients to re-educate them on our latest offering including tent structures and in-house design services using our ‘Provision Events World’ interactive presentation. As the year progressed and more events opened, I found myself helping the production team at the Scottish Open which was great fun and helped me understand the other side of the business!”

Some of our team found their job roles changing however not because of Covid, but as a result of some of our developed services, where our Senior Exhibition & Events Designer Albert seen his workload double (and in some cases TRIPLE!) as demand and popularity of our Virtual Design Studio grew massively!

“The last year has been incredibly busy for the industry with the resurgence in event planning as a result of easing restrictions. For every project that goes live there is usually weeks of design work, so as you can imagine I’ve been turning out more work than ever before on bigger and more ambitious projects!

I want to constantly be widening my skillset and developing new ways of working more efficiently with a streamlined workflow for better results in less time. If you compare our design output from two years ago in terms of quality, scale and scope to today’s concepts, the progress is exponential”

As the year progressed, travel restrictions started to lift again much to the delight of our Production Manager Lee!

“After the disaster of 2020, this year has seen a massive comeback for the events industry. To travel the world again and build exciting activations and fan zones has been truly amazing!”

What we are most proud of this year, however, is the proactive approach we took towards facing the challenges Covid placed upon us as Gary our Managing Partner for Client Services outlines:

“Despite its challenges, the pandemic allowed the Provision team to step back, evaluate and develop areas of our service offerings. After a fantastic second half of 2021, we are heading into the new year with some exciting projects ahead!”

But what really lies ahead for 2022? With the news full of anxiety and apprehension around Covid implications on society once again, our Founding Partner Nick Clemens leaves us with an optimistic outlook for the new year:

“With events of all sizes looking to celebrate the return of fans to their events and brands, promoters and governing bodies looking to connect with fans, I believe that 2022 will be huge for what we do – providing an activation platform for our clients”

Connecting brands with sports fans is more than our mission, it’s our passion. So LOOK OUT 2022 because Provision Events will be taking the sports activation world by storm!

Merry Christmas to all our lovely clients, team and loved ones and a special shout out to everyone that has supported us throughout the year!

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